You can count on me to...

  • make funding for basic city services a priority. In these tough budget times, the city needs to focus on providing public safety, infrastructure maintainance, trash pickup, and code enforcement in an efficient and effective manner. We need to fund the basics before we think about funding the frills.
  • work to maintain the quality of life in District 12. I've always been an advocate for neighborhood quality of life citywide. This includes attention to streets, alleys, parks, trails, and zoning. In 2008/09, I joined with neighborhood leaders from every part of the city to convince the city council to retain an important neighborhood protection called the "residential proximity slope" that keeps tall buildings from being located too close to single family homes.
  • seek innovative funding ideas and solutions to relieve traffic congestion and improve our transportation systems. While on council, I headed the coalition of cities that pushed to fund the reconstruction of LBJ Freeway, a highway that was built to carry 180,000 cars a day and that now carries 270,000 cars a day. While District 12 doesn't directly touch LBJ, almost every resident is affected by it; I will continue to monitor the reconstruction.
  • explore opportunities to provide jobs and grow our tax base. In 2004, I brought a contract to the city council that resulted in a combined effort by the city, the county, and southern sector cities to establish an Inland Port in southern Dallas county. This massive facility could provide up to 60,000 good paying jobs. Although the recession severely slowed the Port's progress, it is still our best economic development opportunity.